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St Peter’s Field, Manchester, 1819 A crowd gathered to demand reform of Parliament In the confusion Hussars and Yeomanry attack the crowd 18 people are killed, hundreds injured
In the crowd was John Edward Taylor. What he saw inspired him. 1821, the first issue of the Manchester Guardian, a voice of liberal values, of fairness and duty to the community. The paper will zealously enforce the principles of civil and religious Liberty... warmly advocate the cause of Reform... support, without reference to the party from which they emanate, all serviceable measures.
Concentration camp, Bloemfontein, South Africa, 1901 When the British Empire went to war with the Boer settlers in South Africa, the courage of the Guardian in opposing the Boer War... ...and publishing the reports of Emily Hobhouse on the conditions in British run concentration camps full of Boer civilians...
...made the paper extremely unpopular, to the extent that a police guard had to be placed on the offices... ...but Editor C P Scott considered their stand for fairness "the best thing that the Guardian has done in my time" In 1921 he enshrined the values of the Guardian in his famous essay for the paper’s centenary. An essay widely recognised today as the ultimate statement of the values for a free press Comment is free, but the facts are sacred... Newspapers have a moral as well as a material existence... The voice of opponents no less than that of friends has a right to be heard...
Suez, Egypt, 1956 The Guardian also took a stand against British military action to try and regain control of the Suez Canal from Egypt, making them unpopular with advertisers as well as the public. This made it unpopulare with both advertisers and the public.
Alastair Hetherington, Editor, Manchester Guardian As did fellow newspaper The Observer David Astor, Editor, The Observer Hetherington was the editor that made the Guardian a national newspaper, removing the reference to Manchester from the name And in 1993 The Observer became part of the Guardian Media Group Nations are said to have the governments they deserve. Let us show that we deserve better.
The Guardian’s unique collaboration with Wikileaks painted a devastating picture: A failing war in Afghanistan, torture and murder in Iraq Causing a diplomatic storm with the biggest intelligence leak in US history
Two years of tenacious reporting by guardian journalist Nick Davies culminating in the revelation that the news of the world had hacked the voicemail of missing schoolgirl Milly Dowler. The investigations led to resignations, arrests, parlimentary debates, multi-million pound pay-offs and the closure of a newspaper.
The world, today Supported by GMG as a successful international media business and it’s unique ownership structure The Guardian's influence extends beyond the UK, to the US and Australia. And with a digital-first approach that has open journalism at its heart. The Guardian is now one of the most read news websites in the world, bringing its values and journalism to more readers than ever before.